• red deer spray

    What is deer antler velvet?

    Deer antler velvet refers to the antler in its growing, pre-calcified state. The outermost layer of skin covering a growing antler...

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    How is deer antler velvet collected?

    No deer are harmed in the collection of deer antler velvet. Using local anesthesia, velvet is humanely removed...

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    What is the composition of deer antler velvet?

    The chemical composition of deer antler velvet is highly complex, containing nearly 40 key compounds...

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    Antler FarmsŪ deer antler velvet capsules

    Antler FarmsŪ uses only the high yielding segments - the tips, upper and middle sections - in our products. The high concentration...

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    Antler FarmsŪ deer antler spray extract

    Our 75:1 extraction process produces a highly concentrated, unmatched deer antler spray. It takes 75 pounds of raw velvet...

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    Who can benefit from deer antler velvet?

    Almost everyone can benefit from using deer antler velvet. Our products can help bring the body's systems into balance...

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world's best deer antler spray velvet

Why Deer Antler Velvet?

Deer antlers are quite extraordinary. They are the only mammalian appendages capable of continuous renewal. While in the growth phase, they are full of biologically active beneficial substances.

When processed properly, deer antler velvet is a natural, nutrient dense superfood containing the most concentrated source of widely-diversified nutritional substances ever found in the plant or animal kingdom. There is nothing else like it on the planet.

Generally researchers agree that deer antler velvet protects, strengthens and restores the body's functions that are out of balance. In other words, it can act as an adaptogen on the human body, helping where it is needed. Studies suggest that deer antler velvet may have beneficial effects related to: increases in muscular development, strength and endurance; improved recovery; prevention and reduction of inflammation; improvement of sexual health; reduction in blood pressure; improvement in bone and joint health; stimulation of the immune system; and more.

Almost everyone can benefit from deer antler velvet. Our customers take deer antler velvet for many reasons - to support general health, to restore an ailing body, or to improve physical function and performance. Our client list consists of: physicians, naturopath doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and surgeons; firefighters, police officers and soldiers; construction workers, miners and other laborers; professional athletes in football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, and mixed martial arts.

Antler FarmsŪ Deer Antler Velvet, Spray and Tablets

dried deer antler spray slices 100% pure deer antler velvet. Antler FarmsŪ deer antler velvet is a unique superfood, containing 40 key compounds and 400 active ingredients, including the powerful protein IGF-1. Our deer antler velvet is the purest, cleanest product on the market. It is collected from antibiotic free, growth hormone free deer that is routinely screened for disease, agricultural and chemical contaminants including CWD, pesticides, fertilizers and PCB's. Our deer antler velvet is a completely safe, natural, well tolerated dietary supplement.

bottles of deer antler extract in droppersHighest concentration of active ingredients. Antler FarmsŪ uses only the best, highest grade components to produce the strongest supplements. Our deer antler velvet capsules are made from the tips, upper and middle sections of "whole stick" antler, and exclude the inferior base and bottom segments. Our deer antler spray and IGF-1 tablets are made with a proprietary process that yields an unmatched 75:1 extract ratio. The high concentration of active ingredients means our deer velvet will give you quicker results, more improvements and increased benefits.

bottles of deer antler spray extract in droppersSuperior processing methods. Antler FarmsŪ deer antler velvet and deer antler spray are processed using methods designed to maintain and increase their potency. We employ innovative techniques that are more labor intensive, more time consuming and more expensive than conventional methods to produce supplements that are vastly superior to any other products on the market. We do not use chemicals or heat that is destructive to deer antler velvet components. We take great care to ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality.

new zealand deer antler spray farmTop grade deer. Antler FarmsŪ deer antler velvet is produced from carefully selected, naturally healthy, free grazing deer. To create the highest quality deer antler velvet and deer antler spray, we start with the highest quality animals. There is no better deer stock than our New Zealand red deer herd. No deer are harmed or killed to make our deer antler velvet products. Antler FarmsŪ deer are raised in cruelty free, humane conditions in full compliance with government regulations.

When it comes to quality, there simply is no competition.
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    "After regular use of Antler FarmsŪ deer antler velvet, I seriously improved my running endurance. The difference has been astonishing."

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    "Antler FarmsŪ deer antler spray has made me stronger, period. The gains in my bench press and squat don't lie. I love that it’s natural and non toxic."

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    "Antler FarmsŪ deer antler velvet increased my circulation, flexibility and muscle recovery. My muscle soreness is gone in less than 24 hours."

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    "We've been able to perform better in the gym and the bedroom since using deer antler spray. We recommend Antler FarmsŪ deer antler velvet."