Antler Farms® Deer Antler Velvet Extract


(1) Top Grade Deer

We start with the highest quality red deer. Our deer are carefully selected, naturally healthy, free grazing herds raised in New Zealand's Canterbury Plains. Our deer live long, happy lives on our farms. No deer are ever harmed or killed.

(2) 75:1 Extract Ratio

Our deer antler spray and tablets are made with an unmatched, highly concentrated 75:1 extract. That means it takes 75 pounds of fresh velvet antler to make one pound of our extract - the strongest on the market. 

(3) Innovatively Processed

Our extract is processed using an innovative, proprietary, confidential method designed to maintain its efficacy. Unlike other products, Antler Farms® deer antler velvet extract is made without the use of alcohol, other chemicals or heat.

(4) Growth Factor Matrix

Our extract process preserves deer antler velvet's full growth factor matrix in its naturally occurring state. Only by having the entire growth factor matrix can your body properly utilize them as they are meant to work together. 

(5) High Bioavailability

We use liposomal technology to boost the absorption of our extract. Taken sublinqually, our deer antler velvet extracts have an enhanced bioavailability of up to 95%. The high absorption rate means quicker results and greater benefits.

Antler Farms® produces the world's strongest extract from top grade deer antler velvet.

We begin by raising a robust herd of red deer in the green pastures of beautiful New Zealand. Because we are highly selective, we do not buy from a collective like most manufacturers. We get our deer antler velvet directly from our farms, at precisely the right time, when the nutritional content is at its peak.

Our 75:1 extraction process produces a highly concentrated, unmatched product.

Antler Farms® deer antler velvet extract is made from fresh, raw velvet. We start with whole stick deer antler velvet and extract its growth factors to make a highly concentrated product. It takes 75 pounds of raw deer antler velvet to make 1 pound of Antler Farms® deer antler velvet extract.

Antler Farms® uses an innovative process to create its deer antler velvet extract that does not use alcohol or heat.

Our deer antler velvet extract is made using a proprietary, confidential method. Through 30 years of research, trial and error, and countless revisions, we have developed this flagship product. Each step of the process is very complex, and precise execution is extremely important in creating our authentic, high quality extract.

Once the growth factors are extracted from the raw velvet, a purification process is performed to remove the insoluble calcium, an undesired and unusable component. Then, a secondary process is applied that increases the concentration and absorption rate of growth factors. Altogether, these step by step procedures have been meticulously crafted over time to deliver a product unlike any other in the current marketplace.

Our unique extraction process preserves the full growth factor matrix in its naturally occurring state.

Our product contains the complete, full growth factor matrix:

Contrary to popular belief, it is not all about IGF-1. If an extraction process eliminates or minimizes other key elements, the deer antler velvet extract as a whole will not work as the human body cannot process them effectively without each other. This is overlooked by many companies and consumers, unfortunately, to their own detriment. It is VERY important that the entire growth factor matrix is present, as all are needed to act together effectively in the body.

Antler Farms® deer antler velvet extract has a high bioavailability of up to 95%.

Our extract contains 100% natural, concentrated growth factors and is available in liquid spray and tablet form. These products are taken sublingually, under the tongue, where the nutrients are rapidly and efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. Using this liposomal delivery system, our products have an enhanced bioavailability of up to 95%.

We offer two potencies of deer antler velvet extract.

  • Deer Antler Spray contains 25,000 ng of IGF-1 and the full growth factor matrix per bottle. Our deer antler spray is made by placing the extract into sterile water. Six additional ingredients are added – three of which are for flavor and three of which are for extract stability. The three ingredients for flavoring are: stevia leaf, a natural sweetener derived from a plant; xylitol, a low calorie sugar extract; and, lemon extract. The three ingredients for extract stability are: glycerin, an organic lubricant that assists with oral absorption; citric acid, a natural preservative; and, potassium sorbate; a preservative that extends the shelf life of the protein fraction. The liquid is sealed in amber glass dropper bottles.
  • Deer Antler Velvet Extract Tablets contain 100,000 ng of IGF-1 and the full growth factor matrix per bottle. To create our strongest product, the extract is formed into a mega-dose tablet using sodium bicarbonate, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, talc and cellulose. These ingredients are necessary to give the tablets their form, to hold and preserve the extract, and to give them their dissolving properties. Natural stevia leaf and lemon extract are added for flavoring.

A quality control program ensures that each batch of finished product is identical and that our high quality standards are met or exceeded. Our growth factor content is confirmed by independent laboratory tests. All products are stored in our temperature controlled warehouse until shipment.

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Every deer antler velvet company claims that they have the best, most potent product. Sadly, most companies have no basis for such a claim because they sell products that can be proven to be completely ineffective.

How can a consumer tell which products actually work?

When evaluating deer antler velvet extract, one should examine the following:

  • Extract Ratio – what is the concentration of the extract?
  • Deer Antler Velvet Extract Content - how much extract is in the bottle?
  • IGF-1/Growth Factor Content - how much IGF-1/growth factors are in the bottle?

With these three pieces of information, one can get a sense of the quality and potency of a product. If ANY these pieces of information are lacking, it was intentionally omitted by the company to hide the quality, or lack thereof, of their product.

Some companies boast about their high extract ratio, or milligrams of deer antler extract, but do not state the IGF-1/growth factor content. That means they do not state the main active ingredient! This glaring omission should be a red flag for the consumer. Before buying any product, check that the growth factor content is clearly printed on the label. This legally binds the company to the statement. It also presumably means that the content has been tested and verified by independent parties.

There are hundreds of deer antler velvet products on the marketplace. However, a majority of them come from questionable sources and are processed with destructive methods. This combination results in flawed products with little to no growth factor content - in other words, products that will not work.


To produce a high quality product, the raw material must be processed in a manner that preserves the growth factor content. Heat, alcohol and other chemicals are commonly used in traditional deer antler velvet processing methods. All of these can and do reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Most deer antler sprays/extracts on the market today are made by soaking deer antler velvet powder in alcohol. The alcohol draws out the available nutrients and serves as a preservative. The solution is filtered to eliminate the residue, and then heated to partially or completely evaporate the alcohol, thus increasing the concentration of deer antler velvet extract. The extract is bottled in alcohol, water or other ingredients.

Using this method, typical extraction ratios are merely 4:1 or 5:1. More importantly, it is well known that heat compromises and damages deer velvet’s active ingredients. It degrades the prized growth factors and the binding proteins, making the product less effective. In other words, the very process that is used by our competitors to make their extract concentrations stronger are actually making their products weaker.

Some manufacturers claim their deer antler spray is processed with a high extract ratio. However, independent lab tests showed the IGF-1 content in their products is miniscule. Why? Because despite the large quantity of raw material used, poor processing methods have destroyed the growth factors and likely other beneficial nutrients in the deer antler velvet itself. A high extract ratio, without the proper means of preserving the nutrients extracted, is meaningless. As we mentioned above, always make sure that the growth factor content is disclosed on the label.

Finally, some company's products actually do have the IGF-1 content as claimed. But the products do not contain the full growth factor matrix. Because IGF-1 requires the presence of the accompanying growth factors to be utilized by the human body, their deer antler sprays are rendered ineffective at best, or completely worthless at worst.